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  • Wholesale high quality alloy with gold plated 2 pieces jewelry sets

high quality alloy with gold plated 2 pieces jewelry sets

Item No : ME301819 
MSRP: US$ 65.93      Wholesale Price : US$ 0.00
  • : China
  • : 0.00 - 0.00 - 0.00 CM
  • : 0.15 KG / 1 Pieces
  • : Red
  • : Alloy
  • : Gold Plated
  • : AAAA - Best Quality
  • : Women's
  • : 6/3/2011

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6 Pieces 
72 Pieces In Warehouse

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ARTNINA Manufacturer

have more than 8 years of expertise in fashion jewelries and accessories, including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches, hairclips and jewelry boxes. Our extensive product range also covers gifts, such as costume mirrors, key rings, bag charms and photo frames. Over 500 buyers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa source from us. You can count on us too.
Over 200 new designs monthly
have obtained the gold prize of Asian Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Design Competition in 2006. Our 34 designers with more than five years of experience each work out over 800 new designs every month. can also develop a new sample for you according to your specific requirements in 10 days.
Using imported materials
Over 3,500 staff at our 450,000-square-meter factory are ready to handle your volume orders. Our seven production lines output 90,000 dozens of fashion jewelries and 10,000 dozens of gifts every month. use imported materials, including resins from Japan, furs from Italy and rhinestones from Austria. Our 110 QC staff conduct strict inspections during the whole production process from material check to product test.

ARTNINA Jewerlly Brand

THE BEAUTY ART OF high quality alloy with gold plated 2 pieces jewelry sets
an emotion causes to be an art
an art causes to creative many compelling stories
many compelling stories just is beautiful life
artNINA,she spreads out her beautiful wings
flys to all over the world
Beautiful life is art

Every Life itself is an artwork, Especially women
Sometimes surprised, sometimes injured, sometimes longings, sometimes meetings, sometimes firm, sometimes perplexed,
Women’s abundant emotion and exquisite perception, always make them to bloom various charm in the different situations and different stage,
These different experiences and stories, will gleam a bright light in the memory,
As the different color and textures jewelry,
When you look back, you will find these collection in the life box.

Not only artNINA hopes to become a part of women’s perfect appearance,
also hopes to decorate their wonderful memories.
Based on this beautiful desire, artNINA devotes itself to creative brilliant colors and charming style for fashion jewelry,
in the meantime, artNINA makes full use of rich imagination to express bold、exquisite and modern elements into the design, just want to Show flush luster and bright moments and Match different mood.
Hence, we should proudly say that artNINA can serve as a part of your precious life memory.